Stanford University has released its global list of scientists that represents the top 2% in various disciplines, Bert Weckhuysen being one of them

Bert Weckhuysen has been listed in the World Ranking Top 2% Scientists’ list, compiled by Stanford University, at position 1426 (for single recent year data pertain to citations received during calender year 2022) and 2125 (for career-long data are updated to end-of-2022). Now in its 6th iteration, this list identifies the world’s leading researchers, representing

Paper “Restructuring of titanium oxide overlayers over nickel nanoparticles during catalysis” published in Science

  We show in Science Magazine how different reduction temperatures alter the support-metal nanoparticle interaction. “Metal nanoparticles can interact so strongly with reducible oxide supports that the particle becomes coated with the metal oxide during the initial reduction steps. Monai et al. used scanning transmission electron microscopy and infrared spectroscopy to explore how titanium oxide