Advice to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on Starting and Incentive Grants

In 2023 a committee has been installed to advice the minister of Education, Culture, and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf, as well as all Dutch university boards on how the so-called “starters- & stimuleringsbeurzen” have to be best organized and invested within the university organizations.

The chair of the committee was Bert Weckhuysen, who had the complex task to make sure that the different views on these grants are addressed in the advice to make sure that the main goals of these grants could be realized.

More information on the composition and tasks of the committee can be found here:–en-stimuleringsbeurzen

The advice, entitled “Investeren in de basis”, to the Minister of Education, Culture & Science can be found here:

The official response of the Minister on the Advice on the Starters- & Stimuleringsbeurzen, as directed to the Parliament, can be found here:

An interview of Bert Weckhuysen related to this advice to Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (HOP), as well as other related matter in the media can be found here: