Scientific news

This page features the news articles that appeared in scientific journals about various achievements of Bert Weckhuysen.

Angewandte News

‘Bert M. Weckhuysen Honored’ (in English, 2017, page 7031).


‘NWO Spinoza Prize for Bert M. Weckhuysen’ (in English, 2013, page 8199).


‘Author Profile – Bert Weckhuysen’ by Angewandte News (in English, 2012, page 5790-5791).


‘IACS International Catalysis Award for Bert M. Weckhuysen by Angewandte News (in English, 2012).


‘X-ray insights may enable better plastics production’ by ChemEurope (in English, September 2021).



‘The great gas gold rush’ by Mark Peplow (in English, October 2017, images: JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY page 26-28, interview).

Nature Energy

‘Locating coke’ by Nature Energy (in English, September 2016, page 1).

NWO (Dutch Research Council) news

‘Water aan de lippen’ by Arno van ’t Hoog (in Dutch, July 2021, photo: Eline van Strien).

RSC - Catalysis Science & Technology Blog RSS

‘Hot Article: the active catalytic site in direct epoxidation’ by Matthew Cude (in English, February 2012).

SLAC factsheet

‘Watching a Catalyst at Work’ (in English, February 2014).