Television & video recordings

This page summarizes the appearances of Bert Weckhuysen in educational videos and television shows.

NPO Zapp

In an entertaining video, Iris ten Have (PhD student) and Bert Weckhuysen explain the possible use of carbon-dioxide as fuel and demonstrate that the lab-made fuel can really be used to propel a motorcycle. (in Dutch, October 2020)

RTV Utrecht

‘Is muurverf het nieuwe wapen in de strijd tegen virussen als corona? ‘We weten al dat het werkt’’ by Anne-Marie Verhagen (in Dutch, December 2021).


Bert Weckhuysen appeared in the Brunner door de Bocht show where he explained the reasons for the increasing number of transportation fuels and how research contributes to the making fuels greener for a better and more sustainable future (in Dutch).


‘VSNU Kennisontbijt: de crisis te lijf door fundamenteel onderzoek’ (in Dutch, 7 December 2020).