Chemical & Engineering News

Cover story on Bert Weckhuysen (17 July 2017)

Chemistry World

Opinion piece in which Bert Wekchuysen describes how he could connect his hobby, photography to his passion for science by Clare Sansom (23 August 2018)

Interview entitled “A slice of microscopy” featuring Bert Weckhuysen (14 June 2017)


Bert Weckhuysen shares his experience of recording the lectures for “Universiteit van Nederland” and how scientists can communicate their knowledge with society by Karolien Poels (in Dutch, March 2017)

New Scientist

In this interview with Jim Jansen en George van Hal, Bert Weckhuysen explains the ways to make the world a better place by chemistry (in Dutch, April 2015)

Onderzoek Nederland

Een wetenschapper biedt opties aan” – interview with Bert Weckhuysen (in Dutch, 5 May 2017)

ARC-CBBC scientific director, Bert Weckhuysen explains his ambition to create something innovatory with the consortium (in Dutch, 13 January 2017)


Interview with Bert Weckhuysen about the role of innovative adaptations of existing technologies in the energy transition by Wim Raaijen (in Dutch, 6 September 2018)