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Quotation of Bert Weckhuysen on a recently published Nature Communications paper from the Daeneke-lab (RMIT University, Melbourne) that reports on “Room temperature CO2 reduction to solid carbon species” by Arjen Dijkgraaf (in Dutch, 28 February 2019)

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Opinion piece in which Bert Wekchuysen describes how he could connect his hobby, photography to his passion for science by Clare Sansom (23 August 2018)




DUB – The independent news site of Utrecht University

Bert Weckhuysen shares his opinion on how a university can preserve and increase its good reputation by Ries Agterberg (in Dutch, 2 April 2019)

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Interview with Bert Weckhuysen about the role of innovative adaptations of existing technologies in the energy transition by Wim Raaijen (in Dutch, 6 September 2018)


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