This page features the appearances of Bert Weckhuysen in newspapers in demonstration of the importance of researchers leaving the “ivory tower” and informing the public of scientific discoveries and their effect on our lives.


Bert Wekchuysen comments on the importance of the scientific results of a recent publication of Sunije Ye in Advanced Science, by George van Hal (in Dutch, Augustus 2019)


Quotation of Bert Weckhuysen on a recently published Nature Communications paper from the Daeneke-lab (RMIT University, Melbourne) that reports on “Room temperature CO2 reduction to solid carbon species” by George van Hal and Bram van den Riezen (in Dutch, February 2019)


In this report, Bert Weckhuysen and PhD student Charlotte Vogt explain their recent Nature Catalysis scientific article about hydrogen methanation. By Marcel aan de Brugh (in Dutch, March 2019)


Interview series with Bert Weckhuysen about the financing of academic research and the influence of external partners by Maarten Huygen in NRC (in Dutch, August 31September 3 and September 5 2018)


Quotation on the direct conversion of CO into gasoline by Dorine Schenk (in Dutch, May 2017)


Bert Weckhuysen comments on scientific results on CO2 conversion from researchers at Ghent University by Marcel aan de Brugh (in Dutch, October 2016)


‘Ik ben een soort Tomahawk-raket ’, interview with Bert Weckhuysen about chemistry as a great career ambition by Marcel aan de Brugh (in Dutch, May 2014)

Reformatorisch Dagblad

Interview with Bert Weckhuysen about his dream of converting carbon-dioxide into useful fuel by Michiel Kerpel (in Dutch, December 2018)