Selection of media appearances and recorded lectures of Prof. Bert Weckhuysen

Videos and recorded lectures

In the following video, you can watch Bert Weckhuysen sharing his passion for making molecular movies on Chemistry Views

Bert Weckhuysen appointed Distinguished Professor of Utrecht University

Introduction to the ARC-CBBC research theme Functional Materials

Bert Weckhuysen about the MCEC programme

A city that runs on CO2: Professor Bert Weckhuysen at TEDxBinnenhof

Bert Weckhuysen after receiving the prestigious NWO-Spinoza Award

Appearances at the Universiteit van Nederland (in Dutch)

Hoe komt het dat uitlaatgassen steeds schoner worden? (1/5)

Waarom wordt het steeds moeilijker om benzine te maken? (2/5)

Waarom kun je het onderste puntje van je ijshoorntje beter niet opeten? (3/5)

Hoe kun je zelfs plastic maken van aardappelen, boomschors of suikerbieten? (4/5)

Hoe verspillen we minder grondstoffen en energie? (5/5)

Interviews and presentations

Presenter Lara Rense puts the achievements of 2018 Nobel prize winner Frances Arnold into the spotlight with Bert Weckhuysen in NPO Radio 1 (3 October 2018).

Photo: Bert Weckhuysen during the discussion

Interview in Petrochem with Bert Weckhuysen about the role of innovative adaptations of existing technologies in the energy transition by Wim Raaijen (in Dutch, 6 September 2018)

Interview series with Bert Weckhuysen about the financing of academic research and the influence of external partners by journalist Maarten Huygen in NRC (In Dutch, August 31, September 3 and September 5)

Bert Weckhuysen explains how innovative chemistry will contribute to a more sustainable society at the Utrecht Science Park Zomercafé in the Botanical Garden (19 June 2018).

Photo: Bert Weckhuysen during his talk at Utrecht Science Park Zomercafe

Chemical & Engineering News cover story on Bert Weckhuysen (17 July 2017)

Interview in Chemistry World entitled “A slice of microscopy” featuring Bert Weckhuysen (14 June 2017)

Quotation in NRC on the direct conversion of CO into gasoline by Dorine Schenk (in Dutch, 5 May 2017)

Photo ANP

Een wetenschapper biedt opties aan” – interview with Bert Weckhuysen in Onderzoek Nederland (in Dutch, 5 May 2017)

Bert Weckhuysen shares his experiences of recording the lectures for “Universiteit van Nederland” and how scientists can communicate their knowledge with society in MAJA#4 by Karolien Poels (in Dutch, March 2017)

Photo: Bert Weckhuysen at the Universiteit van Nederland

Scientific director Bert Weckhuysen speaks about the CatchBio consortium, its achievements and the future for catalysis of biomass in the Netherlands and abroad (in Dutch, 23 March 2018)

Special edition of CatchBio

ARC-CBBC scientific director, Bert Weckhuysen explains his ambition to create something innovatory with the consortium in Onderzoek Nederland (in Dutch, 13 January 2017)

The interview with Bert Weckhuysen, entitled ‘Ik werk niet fossiel of duurzaam. Ik werk fundamenteel’ by Hans Verbraeken appeared in the Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad (in Dutch, 27 August 2016)

Photo by Peter Boer for the FD

In this interview in New Scientist with Jim Jansen en George van Hal, Bert Weckhuysen explains the ways to make the world a better place by chemistry (in Dutch, April 2015)

Photo by Bob Bronshoff

‘Ik ben een soort Tomahawk-raket’, interview with Bert Weckhuysen about chemistry as a great career ambition by Marcel aan de Brugh in NRC (in Dutch, 31 May 2014)

Photo by Robin Utrecht