Radio & audio recordings

This page summarizes the appearances of Bert Weckhuysen in the radio shows.


‘Onderzoekers werken aan coronawerende muurverf’ by BNR Webredactie (in Dutch, December 2021).

NPO Radio 1

“We staan aan de vooravond van een verfrevolutie: “We werken aan viruswerende verf, maar ook aan zelfherstellende verf”” – a discussion with Bert Weckhuysen about virus-resistant and self-repairing paint by Nieuwe Feiten (December 2021).


Making the industry more sustainable is crucial to combating global warming. And chemistry plays an especially important role in this. Without chemistry, all necessary sustainability transitions are doomed to fail, says professor Bert Weckhuysen. He explains what ‘Green Chemistry’ can contribute to a sustainable future. Listen to the full ‘Fragment’ here (November 2021).


Neighbors of an Asphalt-processing plant in den Bosch are concerned about the smell emanating from the plant, and fear for exposure to benzene. Bert Weckhuysen was interviewed to explain how chemical plants can safely operate in the vicinity of built-up areas. The interview (in Dutch) can be found at The interview is in the second hour (15:00-16:00) and starts at just before the 20:00 minutes mark.


Bert Weckhuysen explains the word polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride (in Dutch, December 2018)


Presenter Lara Rense puts the achievements of 2018 Nobel prize winner Frances Arnold into the spotlight with Bert Weckhuysen (October 2018)


In this episode, Tessa Diphoorn and Brianne McGonigle Leyh discuss the concept of EQUILIBRIUM with Martijn Huysmans and Bert Weckhuysen.