Bert Weckhuysen and Eelco Vogt published in Nature a roadmap to a carbon-neutral refinery by 2050

Eelco Vogt and Bert Weckhuysen published a paper in Nature examining the viability of a completely fossil-free future refinery. Currently, crude oil is refined to fuels and various petroleum-based chemicals and raw materials in refineries. Refining crude oil and using the process’s products as fuels are considered primary CO2 emission sources. The refinery of the future is a concept that Vogt and Weckhuysen have introduced in this perspective paper, in which the transportation fuels of the future are made from CO2, whereas biomass and plastic waste are used as a source for chemicals and monomers. The authors suggest that while such a green refinery is technically feasible, a tremendous amount of green energy will be required to operate it.
The paper appeared on the cover of Nature on May 9, 2024, and is accompanied by an editorial.

The full paper can be read here.