Tom Smak

Tom Smak
Room - David de Wied, 4th floor study area

In recent years, the urgency of the plastic of the plastic waste problem has become more and more clear. In my research I will focus on the production of economically highly attractive dicarboxylic acids from polyethylene waste. This will be done via catalytic thermo-oxidative degradation using different oxidants under simulated conditions. To achieve this a suitable heterogenous catalyst system will be developed. In addition, operando IR spectroscopy will be used to obtain mechanistic and kinetic insights.


Cioc, R. C.; Smak, T. J.; Crockatt, M.; Waal, J. C. Van Der; Bruijnincx, P. C. A.

Furoic acid and derivatives as atypical dienes in Diels-Alder reactions Journal Article

In: Green Chemistry, 23 (15), pp. 5503-5510, 2021.

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