Bert Weckhuysen appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of Catalysis Science & Technology

“The rapid development of sustainability in chemistry, energy, and materials science ask for a flagship broad-scope interdisciplinary scientific journal in the field of catalysis that not only fosters fundamental science in the more traditional catalysis fields, but also brings in new, often somewhat more remotely developed methods, materials, and insights that not only inspire, but also continuously rejuvenate the catalysis field.  The introduction of such new developments, often achieved by interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary collaborations, keep catalysis a vibrant field for new scientific discoveries as well as technological breakthroughs, leading to practical in-house as well as large industrial applications.”– Bert Weckhuysen

Bert Weckhuysen has been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief for Catalysis Science & Technology. To read more, please click here.