Romy Riemersma

Romy Riemersma
Room - David de Wied, 4th floor study area

In this project the genesis of nanobubbles at the surface of thin-film zeolites and MOFs will be studied. This will be done using scanning probe microscopy techniques, such as liquid-phase AFM and Kelvin probe microscopy. Formation of nanobubbles will be induced on thin-film zeolites through solvent exchange and temperature variations. MOFs will be employed in electrocatalysis to induce formation of gas bubbles. The aim is to correlate surface heterogeneities with nanobubble formation.


Wijten, J H J; Riemersma, R L; Gauthier, J; Mandemaker, L D B; Verhoeven, M W G M T; Hofmann, J P; Chan, K; Weckhuysen, B M

Electrolyte Effects on the Stability of Ni−Mo Cathodes for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Journal Article

In: ChemSusChem, vol. 12, no. 15, pp. 3491-3500, 2019.

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