Nikolaos Nikolopoulos

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos
Room - David de Wied, 4th floor study area

SOCRATES EU MSCA-ETN develops game-changing technology combinations: 1) to extract metals from distinct industrial-process residues, 2) to recover the metals from the extraction process, 3) to valorise the residual matrix into engineered products, while simultaneously performing an integrated assessment of the new flow sheets. The aim of this project is to synthesize, characterize and evaluate zeolites based on wastes. The high silica content of low-grade industrial-process residues (i.e Cu flotation tailings and incineration bottom ashes) makes them a potential source for the synthesis of zeolites. Given the chemical complexity of the waste residues and the method used to prepare the zeolites, it is important to investigate the presence of metal impurities and how they affect the zeolite framework, catalytic activity and its deactivation.


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