Ilse van Ravenhorst

Ilse van Ravenhorst
David de Wiedgebouw
Room 4th floor study area

Study Co-based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS) catalysts by synchrotron-based microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to unravel the activation and deactivation mechanisms. In situ/operando Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM) is used for the elemental mapping of the Co, O, Ti and C on single catalyst particles. Operando hard X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) is used to follow long-term activation and deactivation mechanisms of the Co particles via the X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS).


van Ravenhorst, I K; Geitenbeek, R G; van der Eerden, M J; van Omme, Tijn J; Garza, Peréz H H; Meirer, F; Meijerink, A; Weckhuysen, B M

In Situ Local Temperature Mapping in Microscopy Nano-Reactors with Luminescence Thermometry Journal Article

ChemCatChem, 11 (22), pp. 5505-5512, 2019.

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Cicmil, D; Ravenhorst, Van I K; Meeuwissen, J; Vantomme, A; Weckhuysen, B M

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Catalysis Science and Technology, 6 (3), pp. 731-743, 2016.

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Cicmil, D; Meeuwissen, J; Vantomme, A; Wang, J; Ravenhorst, Van I K; Bij, Van Der H E; Muñoz-Murillo, A; Weckhuysen, B M

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