Erik Maris

Erik Maris
Room - David de Wied, 4th floor study area

Rational catalyst design is the holy grail of modern catalysis, which requires a thorough understanding of structure-performance relationships. Micro- and spectroscopy plays a pivotal role in the study of these relationships through the visualization of both the diffusive species, such as reaction products, and the pore network of a catalyst particle. A single micro(spectro)scopic technique is not capable of capturing the dynamics and many length scales involved, which can be overcome by combining various imaging techniques in a correlative manner. The aim of this research project is the development and use of a combination of different microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to study structure-performance relationships in single porous catalyst particles.

Awards and Scientific Honors

Scientific Awards

VNCI TopSector Chemistry Scholarship is sponsored by the Dutch chemical industry to improve the connection between student, university, and industry.

M.Sc. VNCI/BASF TopSector Chemistry: financial award • internship • community

B.Sc. VNCI TopSector Chemistry:              financial award • community


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