Bas Terlingen

Bas Terlingen
Room - Vening Meinesz-B 4.44

For AkzoNobel, the project concerns the re-use of the by-product hydrochloric acid to generate valuable compounds, thereby aiming to close the raw material loop, to reduce the carbon footprint and to support the circular economy approach. To be able to do this in an economically viable process, new chemistry and catalysts will need to be developed.


Terlingen, B; Oord, R; Ahr, M; Hutter, E M; Lare, C Van; Weckhuysen, B M

Mechanistic Insights into the Lanthanide-Catalyzed Oxychlorination of Methane as Revealed by Operando Spectroscopy Journal Article

In: ACS Catalysis, vol. 11, pp. 10574-10588, 2021.

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