Utrecht University hosted the 4th SUNER-C Consortium Meeting

The SUNER-C members came together in Utrecht on 7 March to discuss the project progress, address the challenges, and plan the finalizing and reporting of the project. During the event, the work packages (WP) leaders presented the progress of their WP and discussed the reporting progress; also, the members discussed plans for the participation of the SUNER-C members in the EIC Pathfinder challenge, solar-to-X. The attendees enjoyed a short visit to the first-day venue, the Speelklok Museum of Utrecht. Later, after a talk about ‘Path to a Successful Partnership: the experience of Innovative Materials for EU’ and an interactive discussion about SUNERGY’s identity and positioning, the meeting ended with a lecture by prof. Katrin Arning (RWTH Aachen, SUNER-C International Advisory Board) entitled ‘Sunlight and shadows: Risk perception, acceptance and communication of sustainable aviation fuels’. The first day continued with a boat trip to Utrecht canals and a consortium dinner.


On 8 March, the consortium members gathered in the David de Wied building of Utrecht University and continued their discussions on performing and completing the project work packages. The participants visited the laboratories of the Inorganic Catalysis and Chemistry (ICC) group. Afterward, the consortium members discussed cross-cutting issues between sustainable fuels & chemicals technology groups. The event ended with closing remarks from Prof. Bert Weckhuysen, the SUNER-C coordinator, and a goodbye lunch.