Symposium “Nanoplastics: Origin, Structure and Fate”

Small is beautiful. We have organized a focused conference on the frontiers of micro- and nanoplastics research, discussing the challenges to understand a.o. nanoplastics formation, including its potential harm.

The symposium took place on November 20th and 21st in the Museum Speelklok of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The aims of the symposium were to bring together (young) scientists from academia working in the field of nano- and microplastic research and to foster knowledge exchange. The first day of the symposium start around noon and was dedicated to plenary lectures from experts in the field, namely Juliette Legler, Barbara Scholz-Boettcher, Kara Lavender–Law, Tong Yang, Alexandra ter Halle, and Raymond Pieters. The day closed with a poster session, dinner, and drinks. On the second day of the symposium, three interactive expert sessions were organized, related to the theme of the symposium; Origin, Structure, and Fate. The symposium ended with a special networking event, a boat tour on the canals in the old city of Utrecht.