PhD defense Luca Carnevale: Microreactors for In Situ Single Catalyst Particle Characterization Using Advanced Imaging Techniques

Congratulations to Dr. Luca Carnevale for an Excellent PhD Defense. Luca has successfully defended his PhD thesis, supervised by Prof. Mathieu Odijk and Prof. Bert Weckhuysen.

Luca has developed microreactors for in-situ characterization of single catalyst particles, thereby expanding a.o. the pressure limitations. His research contributes to advancing innovative microfluidic devices for investigating heterogeneous catalysts at the single particle level in real reaction conditions. The microfluidic devices presented in the thesis allow for in situ imaging of compositional and structural changes of individual catalyst particles using 3D high-resolution X-ray microscopy and studying the influence of the particle porosity (pore size, surface area) on mass transport at the single particle level.

Luca’s PhD thesis is available to read here.