Former PhD student Charlotte Vogt selected as Chemical & Engineering News’s Talented 12 Class of 2023

“Catalysts spur the world’s economy, but they still hold many mysteries. “One-third of global gross domestic product relies on catalysts, and yet do we really understand how they operate under working conditions? Absolutely not,” says Charlotte Vogt, an assistant professor of chemistry at the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology.”

Charlotte also received the 2023 Beilby medal:

“The 2023 Beilby Medal and Prize has been awarded to Dr Charlotte Vogt for her work in the field of catalysis.

In March of 2021, Charlotte started her own research group at the Technion Institute for Technology. Her laboratory focuses on the fundamental understanding of the catalytic processes that will ‘fuel the future’, such as carbon dioxide valorisation, fuel cell technology, nitrogen fixation and utilisation, hydrogen production, and the recycling of plastics and other waste.”

Congrats to former PhD candidate @CharlotVogtLab for receiving these great honours!

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