Where has all the plastic gone? Ina Vollmer & Florian Meirer interviewed about plastic in the environment

Ina Vollmer and Florian Meirer have been interviewed for an in-depth article about plastic in the environment:

99 percent of all the plastics in the ocean is missing. We know it went in, but we have no clue where it’s headed. One thing is certain though: plastic is never really gone. The question is: where did it go? By finding out where the plastic is, we can investigate how harmful it is. Think of plastic in your drinking water, in your food or even in unborn babies. By tracking the journey of plastic through the oceans, we can trace where it originates and who is responsible. That’s the starting point of the challenge that is becoming more pressing everyday: reducing the ever growing rubbish pile of plastic.

Link to article in English: Article

Source: website Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis