Freddy Rabouw receives support for KIEM GOCHEM project in collaboration with the start-up Seaborough Research B.V.

Freddy Rabouw has been awarded 50 k€ for his new KIEM project entitled “Helder rood licht dankzij slimme energieomzetting” (Bright red light thanks to smart energy conversion). He will implement the project together with Seaborough Research B.V., an innovative start-up from Amsterdam in the lighting industry.

In this project, the partners aim to design – for LED applications – innovative phosphor materials that remain efficient at high light intensity. They will prepare composite nanomaterials with two components, in which blue light is absorbed by one component and red light emitted by the other. The careful design of the phosphors will allow for tight control of the speed of the energy transfer from one component to another. Calculations show that smart use of energy transfer can prevent “saturation” the color conversion, which otherwise affects the color appearance of the LED at high powers. This project will test these calculations and explore their practical possibilities to use this concept. The project will lay the foundation for follow-up research where the best designs can be further developed into bright red phosphors.

We congratulate to Freddy for this exciting achievement!