ARC CBBC running on full power

Chemical companies are aware of the fact that their production processes need to change fundamentally and are exploring their options. Think of turning CO2 emissions into carbon feedstock or implementing renewable energy in their production processes. With that in mind, the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) was established. Scientific Director Bert Weckhuysen and Programme Coordinator Maurice Mourad explain in Research Professional what has been achieved since 2016.

“The complexity of the issues surrounding sustainability is so great that we need to collaborate,” Weckhuysen says. Therefore, ARC CBBC brings together industrial companies AkzoNobel, BASF, Nouryon and Shell and researchers from universities all over the country. More than 80 professors and researchers are currently member of ARC CBBC. National research council NWO, the Top Sector Chemistry as well as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy are also involved.

ARC CBBC only collaborates with companies that are willing to invest in a long-term partnership and are interested in finding solutions together with academic researchers. The consortium is strongly motivated to become one of the leading sustainability research institutes. A fourth long-term research project, in which multidisciplinary research between multiple companies and universities takes place, will start in 2020.

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Source: website ARC CBBC