Infrastructure Fund for the Faculty of Science

The Executive Board has granted funding for four investments in research infrastructure in which the Faculty of Science researchers are involved. The four projects will receive a total of almost 3.5 million euros. In June, the Executive Board announced that a total of eight proposals had been honored with funding, for a combined total of 5.9 million euros in grants from the Infrastructure Fund set up to reinforce Utrecht University’s research position.

945,000 € for Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy

Main applicant: Lukas Kapitein (Biology)

Key supporting scientists within the Faculty of Science: Bert Weckhuysen, Florian Meirer (Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis), Anna Akhmanova, Casper Hoogenraad, Harold MacGillavry, Corette Wierenga (Cell Biology), Sander van den Heuvel, Mike Boxem (Developmental Biology)

Supporting groups outside the Faculty of Science: Willem Stoorvogel (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Judith Klumperman (Faculty of Medicine/UMCU), Jeroen Pasterkamp (Faculty of Medicine/UMCU)

This project will use the funding to purchase a Lattice Light Sheet Microscope. This revolutionary new microscope technology makes it possible to produce quick, three-dimensional high-resolution images of cellular processes in living cells and tissues. The technology will give Utrecht a completely new method for studying complex biological processes, and will also be used to study complex (nano)materials. The Lattice Light Sheet Microscope will be part of the Biology department’s Biology Imaging Center.