50th birthday celebration of Bert Weckhuysen

On October 5th, Bert Weckhuysen celebrated his 50th birthday with an event of diverse programs. His group participated in multiple lectures and activities during the day, starting with the informative presentation of Dr. Alison Stoddart, the chief editor of Nature Reviews Materials, followed by a team building workshop. In the afternoon, the program continued with the inspiring talks of four former Weckhuysen lab members (Andy Beale, Virginie Belliere, Marianne Kox and Emiel de Smit) who recounted their careers outlining multiple career options for the audience. The afternoon program ended with a pleasant reception (borrel, as the Dutch say) on the 5th floor of the David de Wiedbuilding.

During the lecture of Dr. Alison Stoddart

Team building

Dr. Alison Stoddart

The Weckhuysen group

Alumni lectures

The event continued in a dinner party with delicious Belgian beers and a pub quiz with (among others) exciting and very relevant scientific questions. Former and current colleagues of Bert Weckhuysen, from academia, industry and the general public came together this evening to remember the good, old times, establish new connections and especially to celebrate the initiator of the event. As the highlight of the party, Bert Weckhuysen had the opportunity to “re-defend” his thesis in the fashion of Utrecht University in front of several members of the alumni of his group! However surprised, he passed the test flawlessly, allowing the party to continue on the dancefloor.

Reenacted PhD defense
Party photos in the making

On the dancefloor