Our Catalyst research exhibited in “Future Observatory”

In the framework of Zero Footprint Campus, twelve artists are conducting artistic research at Utrecht Science Park (USP). Each in their own way, they draw inspiration from the material provided by their direct environment.

Artist Maarten Vanden Eynde created the exhibition “Future Observatory”, located in the Sterrentoren building, located at the center of USP.
The exhibition investigates, clusters, reinterprets and preserves the most influential and world-changing inventions and research projects that emerged from Utrecht Science Park. Future Observatory offers a subjective and fictional ‘work in progress’ from a future perspective on what could remain from the present to represent the past in the future.

From our group, several 3-D prints of catalyst models, as well as real-life catalysts, and PhD thesis texts are made available for the exhibition.

Future Observatory can be visited from June 1 until June 24, 2017. Opening times: Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM

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Source: website Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis