PhD defense Shuang Yang: Structure−Performance Relationships of Copper and Post−Transition Metals in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Congratulations to Dr. Shuang Yang for an Excellent PhD Defense. Shuang has successfully defended her PhD thesis, supervised by Prof. Bert Weckhuysen and Dr. Ward van der Stam.

Shuang has studied the effect of post-transition metals (Bi, Pb & Sn) on the properties of Cu for electrochemical CO2 reduction, aiming to convert CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels for environmental sustainability. Cu is capable of producing C2+ products, but often with low product selectivity and high hydrogen production, while post-transition metals exhibit high selectivity for formic acid production and good hydrogen suppression ability. The thesis combines Cu with post-transition metals as electrocatalysts in eCO2RR and employs multiscale in situ characterization techniques to investigate the structure-performance relationship involved.

Shuang’s PhD thesis is available to read here.