Roozbeh Valadian

Roozbeh Valadian
Room - David de Wied, 4th floor study area

Main task of the project will be the application of non-destructive X-ray based high-resolution spectro-microscopic imaging methods and development of related data processing tools, with the aim to establish simple diffusion simulations by means of pore network modeling (PNM). Main microscopic methods will be synchrotron-based full-field transmission X-ray microscopy(FF-TXM) and X-ray fluorescence XRF tomography ; it will be tested whether these established tools can be supplemented by X-ray diffraction imaging, namely ptychography (scanning coherent diffraction imaging), and X-ray holotomography to achieve even higher 3D resolution, aiming to break the ‘meso-pore barrier’ of 50 nm.


Mayorga-González, R; Rivera-Torrente, M; Nikolopoulos, N; Bossers, K W; Valadian, R; Yus, J; Seoane, B; Weckhuysen, B M; Meirer, F

Visualizing defects and pore connectivity within metal-organic frameworks by X-ray transmission tomography Journal Article

In: Chemical Science, vol. 12, no. 24, pp. 8458-8467, 2021.

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Veselý, M; Valadian, R; Lohse, L Merten; Toepperwien, M; Spiers, K; Garrevoet, J; Vogt, E T C; Salditt, T; Weckhuysen, B M; Meirer, F

3-D X-ray Nanotomography Reveals Different Carbon Deposition Mechanisms in a Single Catalyst Particle Journal Article

In: ChemCatChem, vol. 13, no. 10, pp. 2494-2507, 2021.

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Bossers, K W; Valadian, R; Zanoni, S; Smeets, R; Friederichs, N; Garrevoet, J; Meirer, F; Weckhuysen, B M

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