Rafael Mayorga González

Rafael Mayorga González
Room - David de Wied, 5th floor study area

The efficiencies of heterogeneous catalysts could be dramatically improved by rational design. One of the prerequisites for this is a better understanding of the diffusion processes in hierarchical porous structures. Thanks to recent advances in single particle tracking (SPT), it is now possible to follow single molecules with sub-diffraction-limit-precision as they move through catalyst’s porous bodies. However, the pore space of real-life catalysts is extremely complex and involves length scales that go from the nano-level (< 2nm) to fractions of a millimeter, which complicates studying diffusion. The aim of this project is to unravel the mysteries of mass transfer inside heterogeneous catalysts, by tracking fluorescent probes in well-defined model-structures and connecting the results with simulations as well as SPT experiments on real catalysts.


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