dr. Yadolah Ganjkhanlou

dr. Yadolah Ganjkhanlou
Room - David de Wied 4.76

Knowledge about the active sites of a heterogeneous catalyst and their accessibility is crucial for understanding the catalytic performance of specific material. In this project, we will try to couple the physicochemical properties of the catalyst which are obtained by different vibrational spectroscopy investigations during the probe molecule sorption studies with single particle trajectories of fluorophores in the catalyst which are acquired by single molecule florescence microscopy experiments. Different florescence and porous materials will also be synthesized to build specific models for these studies.


Ganjkhanlou, Y.; Maris, J. E.; Koek, J.; Riemersma, R.; Weckhuysen, B. M.; Meirer, F.

Dual Fluorescence in Glutathione-Derived Carbon Dots Revisited Journal Article

In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 126, no. 5, pp. 2720-2727, 2022.

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