dr. Matteo Monai

dr. Matteo Monai
Room - Vening Meinesz-B 4.44

My research focuses on structure-activity relationships in nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts for small molecules activation (e.g. CO2 hydrogenation, dry methane reforming) and biomass conversion. My aim is to obtain fundamental insights into selective and efficient bond activation (e.g. C-H vs C-O or C-S) by pushing the boundaries of rational catalysts design to break scaling relationships, and by further developing the operando spectroscopy capabilities of the ICC group. I plan to achieve this by three, independent but combinable approaches:

  1. Engineering of metal-support interfaces by advanced synthesis methods
  2. Going beyond metal catalysts, by the synthesis of metal nitride and carbide phases
  3. Employing external stimuli such as stress and light to fine-tune the surface properties and steer catalysis towards desired products.

CO2 hydrogenation and dry methane reforming will be used as proof-of-concept reactions to validate my approaches for waste stream valorization.

Academic Career


2021 – to date: ARC-CBBC Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis Group at Utrecht University (NL)

Postdoctoral experience

2019- 2021: Postdoctoral research fellow in the group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Under the supervision of Prof. B.M. Weckhuysen

2017- 2019: ARC-CBBC Postdoctoral research fellow in the group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Under the supervision of Prof. B.M. Weckhuysen

Early stage researcher

2015-2016: Visiting student at the University of Pennsylvania, in the groups of Prof. R.J. Gorte and C.B. Murray

2014-2017: PhD in Chemistry at the University of Trieste, Under the supervision of Prof. P. Fornasiero. Thesis title: “Nanostructured Materials for Environmental and Energy-related Applications”

2011-2013: Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Trieste

2008-2011: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Trieste

Awards and Scientific Honors


Robert Karl Grasselli Award (2020), presented to Italian researchers under the age of 37 who have made exceptional contribution to gas phase catalysis.

Eni Young Researcher of the Year Award (2019), annually awarded to 2 Ph.D. research theses, defended in Italian Universities, addressing the topics of action against pollution and climate warming, rehabilitation and reuse of industrial sites and energy storage, production, and efficiency.

Adolfo Parmaliana Award (2017) and Doctoral Thesis Award  “EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste” (2017).

Grants and Fellowships

VENI Grant (2020), project title: “Robust nickel catalysts for cleaner hydrogen production”.

CERIC Grant, distributed research facility program (2015).

INPS PhD Scholarship (2014).

CNR Research Grant (2013).


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In: Nature Communications, vol. 12, no. 1, 2021.

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