dr. Loreta Angela Muscarella

dr. Loreta Angela Muscarella
- Vening Meinesz-C

In recent years, halide perovskites have emerged as intriguing materials for water splitting, CO2 reduction, and N2 fixation. Within this class of materials, layered 2D perovskites exhibit higher stability compared to the 3D counterpart. In addition, their structural flexibility offered by the tunable organic spacer, is an excellent lever to fully exploit their functionality in several applications that require the tunability of the valence and conduction band energy. The goal of the project is to investigate such lead-free layered 2D perovskites as platform for photochemical reactions (e.g. proton reduction and iodide oxidation) and investigate how the structural and compositional modulations are reflected on the optical properties of these materials and on their performances as catalysts.


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In: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 12, no. 17, pp. 4118-4124, 2021.

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McGovern, L; Grimaldi, G; Futscher, M H; Hutter, E M; Muscarella, L A; Schmidt, M C; Ehrler, B

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In: ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2021.

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Muscarella, L A; Hutter, E M; Wittmann, F; Woo, Y W; Jung, Y -K; McGovern, L; Versluis, J; Walsh, A; Bakker, H J; Ehrler, B

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