dr. Eline Hutter

dr. Eline Hutter
Room - Vening Meinesz-C

It fascinates me how much energy is provided by (sun-)light, and I am curious to find out how we can use the interactions between materials and light to e.g. store solar energy, initiate chemical reactions or understand fundamental properties of materials or reactions. My research focuses on using advanced spectroscopic and structural characterization to investigate the relationship between the optoelectronic and structural properties of materials and their activity and selectivity as photocatalysts. My long-term research goal is to understand which non-toxic materials have the potential to use the energy from sun- or indoor light to generate electricity or deplete air pollutants such as CO2 or pathogens. These materials could then be used to add unique functionalities to surfaces.

The open access publications of Dr. Hutter are available here.

Academic Career

Tenure-track position

2020 – to date: Tenure-track assistant professor at the Utrecht University hub of the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC)

Postdoctoral Experience

2018-2019: Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Ehrler at AMOLF (NL)

Early Stage Researcher

2018: PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology (cum laude) under the supervision of Dr. ir. Tom Savenije (NL)

2017: Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the group of Dr. Karunadasa at Stanford University (USA)

2014: Master degree in Chemical Sciences (cum laude) from Utrecht University (NL)

Awards and Scientific Honors

Martinus van Marum prize (2019) from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW)

Veni research grant (2019) from the Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Fulbright research grant (2017)


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