Charlotte Vogt

Charlotte Vogt
David de Wiedgebouw
Room 4th floor study area

My research entails finding and understanding fundamental structure-activity relationships in hydrogenation reactions over Ni by use of advanced operando spectroscopic techniques. I have a strong focus on CO2 hydrogenation.

Awards and Scientific Honors

Scientific Awards

Niels Stensen Fellowship 2019

2019 Female Scientist Award of the Israel Vacuum Society, September 2019

VATAT fellowship for outstanding international PhD students, January 2019

Best Oral Presentation award, Materials*Characterization*Catalysis , Zurich, January 2018


The research of Charlotte is discussed in the Wetenschap Vandaag program of BNR (in Dutch).


Vogt, C; Monai, M; Sterk, E B; Palle, J; Melcherts, A E M; Zijlstra, B; Groeneveld, E; Berben, P H; Boereboom, J M; Hensen, E J M; Meirer, F; Filot, I A W; Weckhuysen, B M

Understanding carbon dioxide activation and carbon–carbon coupling over nickel Journal Article

Nature Communications, 10 (1), 2019.

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Vogt, C; Monai, M; Kramer, G J; Weckhuysen, B M

The renaissance of the Sabatier reaction and its applications on Earth and in space Journal Article

Nature Catalysis, 2 (3), pp. 188-197, 2019.

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Vogt, C; Groeneveld, E; Kamsma, G; Nachtegaal, M; Lu, L; Kiely, C J; Berben, P H; Meirer, F; Weckhuysen, B M

Unravelling structure sensitivity in CO2 hydrogenation over nickel Journal Article

Nature Catalysis, 1 (2), pp. 127-134, 2018.

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Vogt, C; Weckhuysen, B M; Ruiz-Martínez, J

Effect of Feedstock and Catalyst Impurities on the Methanol-to-Olefin Reaction over H-SAPO-34 Journal Article

ChemCatChem, 9 (1), pp. 183-194, 2017.

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Qian, Q; Vogt, C; Mokhtar, M; Asiri, A M; Al-Thabaiti, S A; Basahel, S N; Ruiz-Martínez, J; Weckhuysen, B M

Combined operando UV/Vis/IR spectroscopy reveals the role of methoxy and aromatic species during the methanol-to-olefins reaction over H-SAPO-34 Journal Article

ChemCatChem, 6 (12), pp. 3396-3408, 2014.

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