Catalysis Connected

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The World and also the catalysis world is changing fast. Collaboration and cross cutting research is the heart of new scientific discoveries. The Netherlands played, plays and will play a key role in these discoveries especially in the field of catalysis.

To advance the catalysis field, to show the potential of collaboration and to show the strength of Dutch catalysis we have organized a post Europacat symposium entitled ‘Catalysis Connected’.

The post conference will be held in Utrecht from 24-27 August 2019.

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Scope and structure

To show the potential of collaboration and integration ‘Catalysis Connected’ focuses on 3 sessions:

  • Connecting catalysis;
  • Connecting spectroscopy;
  • Connecting chemical engineering and catalysis.

‘Catalysis Connected’ emphasizes the importance of collaboration. Lectures are on invitation only. The conference can accommodate 100 people. To have ample room for discussion lectures will last 30 minutes + 30 minutes discussion. The afternoons of Sunday and Monday will be used for a joint ‘recreational/community building’ activity to discuss and meet each other in an informal setting.

Source: website ARC-CBBC